"MacKay's Memoirs"An experimental animated film inspired by Martyn Bennett's composition for pipes, clarsach and orchestra.

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Finalist in Celtic Media festival 2015

"Building Blocks"A time lapse film capturing the construction of The New West Port House in Edinburgh's Grassmarket area.

Building BlocksThe Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2011

Premiered at ASFF York 2011

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"My Garden" an experimental animated journey around my garden

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"Coloured" a animated film about racial discrimination and aparthied

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"Hallaig" an animated film based on a poem by Sorley MacLean

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Hallaig International Film Festivals and Awards

International festival of Cinema Technology 2006
The IFCT 2006 Award for Best Visual Innovation - The IFCT 2006 Award for Best Experimental Film
New York, Orlando, U S A
December 2006 (Film Festival)

Reel 2006 Poetic Cinema
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
November 2006 (Film Festival)

3rd Zebra Poetry Film Awards
Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, Germany
October 2006 (Film Festival)

Festival Du Cinema De Paris 2005
Palmares award for La Direction d'Art
Paris, France
August 2006 (Film Festival)

Festival de Cine International de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
July 2006 (Film Festival)

Evora International Film Festival
Evora, Portugal
November 2005 (Film Festival)

Arpa International Film Festival
Hollywood, U S A
October 2005 (Film Festival)

Rome International Film Festival
Georgia, U S A
September 2005 (Film Festival)

Oxford Film Festival
'Spirit of Hoka' Award for Best experimental Film
Mississippi, U S A
September 2005 (Film Festival)

Tahoe/ Reno International Film Festival
Nevada, U S A
August 2005 (Film Festival)

Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival
London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
August 2005 (Film Festival)

Forest Film festival
Portland, Oregon, U S A
May 2005 (Film Festival)

Moondance International Film Festival
'Moondance Seahorse' Award for Short Film
Boulder, Colorado, U S A
May 2005 (Film Festival)

Hearts and Minds Film festival
Wilmington, Delaware, U S A
March 2005 (Film Festival)

Tiburon International Film festival
Tiburon, California, U S A
March 2005 (Film Festival)

Student and Independent Film festival
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
March 2005 (Film Festival)

"Ain't no body here but us chickens"

an animated commercial for Homestead Eggs

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"Russian Dolls"

an animated commercial for John Menzies News Agents

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"Mercator's Projection"

an animated film based on a poem by Robin Bell

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an animated short based on the use of Herbal Medicines.This film and the next film "Pine" were part of seriesof animated films made in collaboration with Red Kite Animations and The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh as part of "Flora Celtica" and inspired by poems.

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